Promotional Paper bag advertising Hyde Music Centre, it was a little shop run by a husband and wife team (i think) with not too many customers as i remember, until sometime in the early 90's it became a chart return shop, they would get allsorts of ltd editions and promo copies galore, i spent a fortune in there but obviously not enough to stop it shutting down around the turn of the century. Its now a Greenhalgh's bakery shop!

Treble99 (9)


Treble99 SAYS –

It's not a TRend promotional item, although i did get my Teenage Crush single in one of these bags, its just that it wouldnt let me upload it without attaching it to a band!

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Steve D SAYS –

I used to go in the Hyde branch regularly in the early to mid eighties and i think it was a chart return shop then. As you say, lots of promo stuff. They also did 'Surprise packs' of 10 singles shrink wrapped together for a quid. You could only see the front and back single in the pack, and tucked in the middle of one I bought was Dead Kennedys 'Too Drunk to f***', which could have been a surprise too far for some people!

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