A wonderful advert for the Jigsaw (which became the treasured psychedelic 'den of iniquity' The Magic Villlage), Cromford Court, off Market Street, taken from the Manchester Independent newspaper, published and edited by University of Manchester students. Members of the University of Manchester Students' Union were allowed free membership to Jigsaw.

A great line-up of blues & R'n'B acts is promised, including Georgie Fame, Alexis Korner and Chris Farlowe (spelt incorrectly). The Jigsaw hosted all-night sessions. It says here from 11.30am to 7am - I'm assuming that's another typo.

Also promised are:

Knockout discs!
Wayout decor!
Great women/guys!

Enticing indeed.

The Jigsaw was one of the only operational clubs in Manchester following the Corporation Act of 1965 - a draconian and highly unusual law that allowed clubs to be closed on the spot by police, but ONLY in Manchester. Co-chair of MDMarchive, Dr CP Lee, researched this fascinating subject for his book and PhD 'Shake, Rattle & Rain'.

In 1965 there were around two hundred and fifty beat music clubs in Manchester (hard to imagine), but by the end '66 there were just three left.

CP Lee described Manchester University as 'lifeblood and a lifeline' for music fans at this time. You can hear more from CP on this subject in an interview here.

With thanks to James Peters at the University of Manchester Archives and Ben ward at University of Manchester Students' Union.