Welcome to this digital exhibition - a celebration of the University of Manchester Students' Union/Academy venues from 1963 to the present day.

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This image was culled from a publication called 'This Week, Next Week'. We are unsure of the publication date, so have tagged it with the year the photo was taken.

This picture shows the entrance foyer to the Student's Union building on Oxford Road dated 1958. The decor is very much of its era with flying saucer lamp shades, 'Christine Keeler' chairs and angled door pulls. The foyer has been renovated a few times since, but you can still get a sense of familiarity and space looking at the picture.

This is the foyer you pass through to reach two Academy venues: Academy 2 (Main Debating Hall) and Academy 3 (Hop and Grape).

With thanks to Sean Fintan Morgan.

Rod Connolly