The Exuberants, Ratfink, What? Noise, The Charlatans, Northside, Ambitious Beggars, Jean Go Solo, The Sandmen, Philip James, Dutch Uncle, The Sandalwoods, This Gigantic World
The Boardwalk
Flyer, 1990
Bandit Queen, Blue Orchids, Inspiral Carpets, Molly Half Head, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Paris Angels, Rainkings, Too Much Texas, What? Noise, Narcissus, Swirl, Paula Greenwood, Playtime Records
International 1, Piccadilly Records, Piccadilly Radio
Photograph, 2018
What? Noise, The Fall, Collision
Flyer, 1991
What? Noise, The Spinmasters
Press, 1990
What? Noise, Penny Anderson
Press, 1989
What? Noise
Advert, 1990
What? Noise
Original Artwork, 2009
Rig, What? Noise, Flea, Jacqueline Harte
The Boardwalk
Press, 1989
What? Noise, The Clouds, The Powers That Be
Other, 1993
A Guy Called Gerald, The Bodines, The Exuberants, Rig, What? Noise, Ambitious Beggars, Jean Go Solo, Hollow Sunday
The Boardwalk
Flyer, 1989
Inspiral Carpets, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, What? Noise
The Hacienda
Flyer, 1990
808 State, Toss the Feathers, What? Noise, Suns Of Arqa, Bop Cassettes, Mighty Force
Record / CD / Tape, 1989