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Ticket belongs to my partner Jules Matthews who saw all the major bands at the time but this is the most famous isn't it? I believe that the central library has a full record of this gig and numbers of tickets sold etc.
Artefact added : 12th January 2014
by David Gerrard
ejectthetape Says –
Nice. Gonna check out the Library, thanks for the heads up
COMMENT ADDED 12th January 2014
OT Says –
I hope that's acid free backing paper!
COMMENT ADDED 13th January 2014
A.Williams Says –
A really impressive piece, and an important historical document. You need to really look after it. I wonder how may of them survived? It must be worth several hundred pounds.
COMMENT ADDED 15th January 2014
OT Says –
I agree... I know this isn't the Antiques Roadshow, but that thicket is worth a lot of money. The poster for that gig is valued at a few thousand pounds, so the ticket has to be worth around £300-500, and rising... Keep it safe.
COMMENT ADDED 15th January 2014
Phil Kinsman Says –
My ticket was number 264 and my mates 263. Assuming that they sold all the tickets in between then we have a figure of 66 minimum. Considerably greater than the 43 quoted by Tony Wilson who for the record was at the second gig but not the first.
COMMENT ADDED 22nd January 2014
alyncurrie Says –
Yes been trying to get this poster for yes the White version white THe Buzzcocks Slaughter/ Sex Pistols
If anyone has one its 4K I will pay
COMMENT ADDED 25th January 2014
isweariwasthere Says –
Have to disagree with Phil, Tony Wilson WAS at the 1st gig, he took so much abuse/banter, he ended up at the back of the hall or maybe went backstage but he was definitely there, as was I, hence my username.
COMMENT ADDED 31st January 2014
Phil Kinsman Says –
If he stood at the back he missed out badly. Wilson was a journalist and like many in the trade prone to not allowing the truth to get in the way of a good story. He claimed that Mick Hucknall was there. He wasn't. I was with two of his classmates that night. Mick was invited to come along but declined. I am so pissed off with with people who pour scorn on me for claiming that I was there and then readily accepting the attendance of others who weren't. No fun mate, no fun.
COMMENT ADDED 2nd February 2014
isweariwasthere Says –
Tony Wilson was in leather trousers ,leather Jacket and was carrying what I can only describe as a 'Man-bag' felt sorry for him tbh, did you go to the 20th anniversary ?

Granada tv invited anyone who was there in 76 to the Lesser Free Trade Hall filmed it and it was shown on Granada, Luckily for me my picture is in the book 'I swear I was there' so I don't care if i'm not believed but I know what you mean.
COMMENT ADDED 3rd February 2014
Phil Kinsman Says –
I knew nothing about 20th anniversary. The concert is very vivid in my memory so I can tell by just a few quick questions who the bullshitters are. If you check out p.59 photo you can see the back of my head. I know it's me because my hair was unfashionably short and nobody else there that night had short hair. I am one of the lads from Denton that Ian Moss aka Moet talks about on p.68.
COMMENT ADDED 5th February 2014
isweariwasthere Says –
The thing is a lot of people went to the 2nd gig in July and assumed it was the first Pistols gig, I went to all 3 that summer Lesser Free x 2 and the Electric Circus, for the first gig in June I had a fistfull of flyers that were handed out the previous week or so at a Rock gig (may have been Budgie) at the Free Trade Hall, wish i'd have kept them : (
COMMENT ADDED 6th February 2014
Phil Kinsman Says –
I went to both Lesser FTH gigs but not the Electric Circus. I did see The Damned at the EC. There were only about a dozen people who were there to see them all the rest came for the heavy disco. I thought I was going to get lynched at one point. The gig was not advertised but for a single line in the Evening News. I only got wind of it because they came walking out of our local chippy as I was passing.
COMMENT ADDED 6th February 2014
iam8am Says –
Hello! I was wondering if you'd mind if I used this picture in my film? I am making a documentary about lost Manchester music venues and would really appreciate if you could let me know whether it's ok for your picture to appear in the film. Please contact me on . Thank you!
COMMENT ADDED 10th March 2014
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