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Added 27th August 2014 by Ipryce

Featured in the following Online Exhibitions:
Cry Wolf 1975-1980


SFW, Cry Wolf

The pic shows Shaun and Mark from SFW at one of our gigs. Shaun and Mark went to St Augustine's GS in Wythenshawe with Ian and Trevor. SFW were a great band and we always felt it was a great compliment when they came to any of our gigs

Latest Discussion

“Came across this site by accident, fabulous. Posted this pic with SFW whose company we enjoyed a lot. Would love to know what became of Shaun and Mark, they were so ahead of their time, and far more talented than the rest of us. Even found a tape I made in about 76 of their stuff which I hope to load soon. Anyone know their contact let me know, thanks. Ian Pryce”
27 Aug 2014
“Wasn't Pete Gallagher in SFW? He's on here associated with Casualties/Beat Science/Men Of 992. Do a search!”
27 Aug 2014
“He certainly was in SFW! It has been my great honour to play bass with him for the last 30 years, albeit just studio stuff with Sbilts the last couple of years. Before I had to retire from live playing, I've diary entries for 560 gigs with Pete!
Farewell gig, which was number 556, before the four 'reunion' gigs a couple of years later! A two instrumental medley, one of which has origins in SFW! -
27 Aug 2014
“Hi guys....just randomly came across the comments....and I'm here...Mark the bass player...from SFW....
get in touch, be good to chat
30 Aug 2014
“That was quick! Good to hear you're still playing. As I get older I often wonder if people I knew keep at it, I'm in touch with one or two former band members who are still gigging, but since we moved to Oz it's difficult to keep track. I still play bass as an escape from my day job, it's hard though to find like-minded musos here, but I keep going. We're going back for a visit to the Uk in a month or so and I'll get to see Paul one of my band mates from the 80s which will be good.”
30 Aug 2014
30 Aug 2014
“Hi Ian...well....Shaun , Pete Gallagher, Chris Flynn and myself formed SFW in late 1974. We were doing original stuff right from the start really..did the normal youth club, and pub and club circuit for years. Played with John Cooper Clarke, at one gig in Wyhenshawe in 76'..played London , assorted colleges, up and down the land, Deepley Vale and Seasalter Festivals also...lots of gigs.. We morphed into SIC, Pete and Chris left, so it was Shaun, me , a new drummer , Martin Schofield, and Raz on vocals, with Cammy on second most bands, we parted company, me and Martin ended up in a NWOBHM band called Touched, which itself was a morph of another band , Dragster..did 2 albums and a single , signed to Ebony Records in the mid 80's. Since then me and Martin have played in The Outsiders UK, gigged a lot in Holland and UK, and still keep my hand in today, as does Martin, who has a successful band practice and studio in Oldham.”
30 Aug 2014
“Funnily enough, Ian, our old SFW drummer, Chris Flynn lives in Oz as well..I d love to have a natter with Ian Pryce as well....I've never seen the photo of me ans Shaun before....real nice to see it.”
31 Aug 2014
“By the way, check out The Bass Guitar site on FB...I'm one of the admins there...we ve got over 15,000 members now....internationally, lots of great bass related banter, advice, etc...”
31 Aug 2014
“Ok I'll look out for that-I didn't know it existed!”
31 Aug 2014
“Hey Mark, it's so good that you've picked up on the thread and pleased you still play. Found a 40 year old cassette with some of your stuff plus a few Shaun acoustic bits, and loaded them here (link at end of this post) just pick out the SFW ones and Shaun titles. Also loaded a few taped live songs from a gig we did in 1980, scary! Must catch you sometime. Also found a recent film trailer featuring Shaun and a pic with it, he looks no different! Will post those next. If you are ever around Bedford, Milton Keynes, Leicester let me know
04 Sep 2014
“Hi all. Someone asked what happened to Shaun Carter. He formed The Relatives with Raymond Lyness, playing mainly Saddleworth & Oldham. He can now be found in the Motown Vampires, also with Raz.”
07 Mar 2024
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