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John West's great photos of the PSV Club just days before the bulldozers moved in... The PSV used to be called The Russell Club and was home to The Factory.

I'm glad that John had the foresight to take these photos - it's frustrating to think of all the photos i could have taken if i could have been bothered but have now missed the chance to capture some of Manchester important buildings!

does anyone know why 'wesley' is painted on the boards around the venue?

Special thanks to John for donating these photographs.

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Artefact added : 5th June 2007
by mat
soulkiss Says –
Oh i rememeber going here (moss side) to see Generation X still have the poster. Didn't know it got named PSV club later, was in a bit of a no go area, remember the taxi wouldn't wait for us as we were a few mins late, ended up costing us a small fortune to get home.
COMMENT ADDED 30th July 2007
pure_shaw Says –
Great club.
Used to go in 1992/3 when it was house-music-all-night-long. Still a buzz to stand in the same place Joy Division played though. And they served Lees bitter and Guinness upstairs.
Photos seems quite disorientating without the Crescents in the background.
COMMENT ADDED 30th July 2007
soulkiss Says –
I remember meeting Steve Garvey in the upstairs bar, it just jogged a memory vault for me lol
COMMENT ADDED 30th July 2007
jsz Says –
It even featured in Alan Bleasdale's GBH, there's a scene with Robert Lindsay standing outside.
COMMENT ADDED 30th July 2007
mosscider Says –
I used to be 50 % of the in house road crew for the Russel Club circa 79/80 . It was my first ever job and consisted of playing pool a lot , glass collecting and avoiding Tex the bouncer who despised the fact that I was working there underage (14) he hissingly refferred to me as Blood Clot , after visiting Jamaica many years later I found out this had nothing to do with platelets and corpuscles but was more connected with a womens sanitary cloth , he also called me Bum Clot quite a lot ...but we won't go there .
I learned recently Tex was shot in the leg at a Shabeen and bled to death , basically because everyone was so out of their heads they didn't realise he was dying on them .
I saw a lot of great bands in that club , Stiff Little Fingers , Magazine , Bauhaus , Ruts , Furs , Joy Division , Wire , UB40 , who were excellent at that time and the Damned who had to have a matinee for the kids from the crescents because of the noise abatement people in the local community center , lots of ten year olds bopping around to Neat Neat Neat , then going home for their tea.
It's a shame they knocked it down considering what went on there , but let's face it the area was a dump and I should know I lived there .
COMMENT ADDED 16th February 2008
johng Says –
the wesley is the name of a local charity that collects donations of household furniture and sells it on a dirt cheap prices to folk in the are-thus cutting out the need to use rip off secondhand dealers.
tony wilson came into the building while wesley were still in there an was greatley impressed by what was being done with the old place.
COMMENT ADDED 17th March 2008
Clur Says –
I think it got the name psv after public service vehicle as it became a late night venue for the bus drivers from the depot on Princess Road.
Sad to hear about Tex.I got on really well with him & he was a good guy.
COMMENT ADDED 23rd August 2008
southsider Says –
Sad to hear about Tex-RIP big man.
COMMENT ADDED 7th February 2012
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