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This was the flyer for the first punk gig held at Wilton Street Chapel in Denton. It may also have been the last! Each band contained at least one of my schoolfriends who embraced the ideals of punk get up there and do it.
Artefact added : 21st July 2007
by JAX
Tony/Longfella Says –
Pretty sure Abdominal Pain were from Denton - I remember it graffiti'd on Town Lane.

My mate had keys to this church hall around that time and we used to kick a ball about in there - don't know how I missed this?
COMMENT ADDED 23rd July 2007
mat Says –
i'll add 'em...
COMMENT ADDED 24th July 2007
JAX Says –
Abdominal Pain were from Denton and I have some pictures but they are not promotional ones does data protection stop us posting them?
COMMENT ADDED 24th July 2007
lesarcs2000 Says –
I spoke to my cousin carl cundall and he was in Abdominal pain and recieved a crash course in drumming of a family friend[Max Beesley snr]He remembers only 2 gigs,the other supporting Frantic elevators at The Mayflower.The band was formed at St Georges youth club,Dane Bank,denton
COMMENT ADDED 23rd November 2007
abdom Says –
Sorry Lesarcs2000 but Carl is not quite right. He was in the band at the end. The Band was formed at Two Trees Secondary modern, Haughton Green in 78. By Myself (Paul Keelagher) Eric Mansell (Ez Trash!) and Niel Wain now Cheif of Police in Stockport! Ross Cain was added very soon after. Neil left after 1 gig and Tez O'Meara was recruited on Bass he was a regular at St Georges in Dane Bank. That is how the line up stayed we did about 10 gigs all up including a 3rd support for Crass at the Mayflower and we were on the same bill as the Frantic Elevators (Mick Hucknall') band that also featured Brain Turner. The Hoax featuring Mike Joyce of Smith's fame actually supported us at Haughton Green Lad's club.
I big miss was being offered a 3rd support gig to the Damned at the Russel Club but we couldn't arrange a van in time, It was mid week and none of us could drive. Carl Joined after Ross was sacked,not sure why now something like Eric and Tez thought he was 'too gay' their words not mine. Perhaps he craved a bit of Glam Rock
COMMENT ADDED 25th January 2008
lesarcs2000 Says –
Cheers abdom! I used to go to st georges and had the misfortune of coming from reddish and having longhair,Ive lost count how many times I had to run down dane road. The other haunt being Dane bank cricket club and when we used to headbang a crowd would surround us and spit . happy days eh.I wanted to talk more with my cousin about it but what a shocker that chief inspecter Wain the darling of G.M.P was in the band. Truly unbelievable,oh and great shot of the mayflower!
COMMENT ADDED 4th February 2008
Arnie Says –
Does anyone know whatever happened to Ian Chambers of The Hoax ?.We had a band when we were in the same class at school around 1974 and knocked about together when we left,the last time I saw him he had just joined The Hoax.
COMMENT ADDED 17th August 2008
abdom Says –
send your email address to
maybe I can help you with your quest!
COMMENT ADDED 22nd August 2008
Arnie Says – that my email address or some one else's above ?.
COMMENT ADDED 23rd August 2008
abdom Says –
Arnie: I have tried your yahoo address but it keeps coming back.My address is the one in the post above. I live in Austalia by the way hence the bit
COMMENT ADDED 24th August 2008
philriley427 Says –
Hey Abdom. I still have visions of the time you fell off the back of a van we were in, on the way back to Denton. You were unconscious, in a heap, in the middle of the road, with cars hurtling round the bend. I thought you were a gonner. Somehow they missed you and we had time to get you off the road. I think it was after some Protest gig.
COMMENT ADDED 10th October 2009
abdom Says –
G'day Phil Yes hair line fracture of the skull, lost a tooth concussion and several cuts and bruises 2 days in Tameside general. not one of my better decisions jumping on the back of the van as it was leaving!
Thank god I don't drink Cider anymore. It took me months before I could remember anything about that night. I heard the cops couldn't understand how I got so badly injured falling off a kerb! for some reason the van had to be disappeared before they got there!
COMMENT ADDED 12th October 2009
Daddy Cash Says –
Hello Abdom,
If I remember correctly you guys used to cruise around in a beautiful Ford Zephyr?
COMMENT ADDED 15th February 2021
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