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Added 10th March 2009 by Abigail



Pips photo sent in by Stephen Portlock

Latest Discussion

“I remember you and your brother Shaun - that's him with you in this 'photo, right? You were both great Bauhaus fans! I also remember your girlfriend, Annette, (not the same Annette I mentioned in my other posts). Great times, eh?”
16 Mar 2009
“Hi there, thanks for remembering us
Were you Susan the chiropodist or Susan that used to leave chocolates on my car?
Yes they were great times I really loved Pips, never been anywhere else quite like it, Legends came a close second but wasnt quite the same, do you have any photos?
Do you remember Joan Annettes friend?
Me and Annette are still together, great to hear from you again after all these years”
20 Mar 2009
“I was Susan the chiropodist - I also liked Legend, 'tho, as you say, even there was'nt up to Pips standard!”
21 Mar 2009
“And great to hear you and Annette are still together!”
21 Mar 2009
“Its great to hear from you again Sue”
21 Mar 2009
“We always wondered where you were and when we talk about being younger your name always crops up, we moved down south in 84 and lost contact with the Manchester crowd, Shaun still lives in Manchester, i will tell him about this, are you on Facebook?”
21 Mar 2009
“No, I'm not yet on Facebook; I really must join up! It's really nice to hear how you are doing and that I'm remembered; I certainly remember the Pips crowd, and the good times we had at that great club! I remember Shaun also liked the Hacienda, but I found that really boring, unless it was for a concert by an artist I liked. But then I've never been keen on House music at all. Personally, I've never been able to understand why the 'Hac was so famous and celebrated; I always thought Pips deserved all that praise. Only a handful of places in Manchester play the sort of alternative/punk/new romantic music we all enjoyed at Pips now, 'tho it still has a following, even among some people too young to remember it first time 'round. I'm really glad to find this forum. I still live in Manchester, by the way.”
21 Mar 2009
“Did you take any photos from the pips days, I have a couple more of them and one or two from legends, guess photos werent the in thing like they are today with phone cameras, let me know when you join facebook”
22 Mar 2009
“I unfortunately don't have any 'photos from Pips, but I do have a few from Legend; I just have to get the knack of uploading them!”
22 Mar 2009
“I will indeed let you know when I join Facebook!”
22 Mar 2009
“I cannot believe i have found this forum. And Sue, how are you? Its Terry, the Siouxsie fan here. Remember me? And Anne (pips), and later Elaine?
The memories have come flooding back of those heavenly nights in Pips, dancing to Siouxsie,bauhaus, etc.
Hope lifes treating you,and anyone else on here, good.
Would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
I am still ,after all these years, very good friends with Pips people!!!
Val , Vinny and Chris, Bev........ Would love to be in touch with others.”
19 Sep 2009
“Yes, I do remember you! Is'nt it odd there is not a lot more 'info about Pips on the 'net? I'm also really glad to have found this site!”
19 Sep 2009
“Pips should have its own dedicated site.It was an historical, legendary club which changed a lot of peoples lives, including mine!
Hope you are well Sue”
20 Sep 2009
“Could'nt agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
20 Sep 2009
“Sue,were you aware of a reunion a few years back?
Im in touch with Bev (remember her, she was marrid to Nick, both huge Numan fans?) and she told me about it.
I think we deffo need to organise an event as its now 20 plus years since we were there.
How time flies eh?”
20 Sep 2009
“I was aware of the reunion, but I did'nt make it think I got the date mixed up, or something! Bev said it was great! We definately need another!”
20 Sep 2009
“Lets do it!!!!!!!
Bev , Val, Vinny, and myself have agreed to regular meet ups, the last one being at my civil partnership ceremony 2 weeks ago.
You and any other old "pip - ers" are welcome to join us. All we do all night is talk about Pips and its followers!!!!!
Who else are you in touch with?”
20 Sep 2009
“Congrats on your partnership!”
21 Sep 2009
“I sometimes bump into Billy, (he used to dress like Mick Karn from Japan,) and recently I met a guy called Mark whose friend, Alan, I had a massive crush on! Also Hannah. As well as a few others, and people who went to Legend, Thursdays, etc. I found out quite a few people I met since used to go to Pips, too, and a lot of my friends who were too young would have loved to. Your meet-ups sound fun!”
21 Sep 2009
“I remember Billy too. Have seen him out and about a ffew times x”
27 Sep 2009
fancy popping along for a drink and catch up on our November meet up? You would be very welcome”
12 Oct 2009
“Let me know where it is!”
12 Oct 2009
“Hi Sue, We all off to see Numan on Saturday. You fancy it?? Me, Val, Vinny, a few people we normally see there. Faces from the past.”
16 Nov 2009
“I'm afraid I won't be able to make that one due to the death of a close family friend - there's only me and Mum to sort things out! But hopefully will make the next one! Some other friends are going to the Numan concert. I saw him there a couple of years ago, but I did'nt see you lot - although I bet you were there somewhere!”
17 Nov 2009
“Sorry to hear your sad news Sue. Theres always the next outing.
We would have been there for sure. Its an annual pilgrimage now, off to see Numan!!!!!!!”
17 Nov 2009
“Sue, you mention some places still playing Pips music. we are all wondering where to go nowadays. any recommendations?”
21 Jan 2010
“Used to be a brilliant night at Tiger Lounge called Scary Monsters which really was an event where you could close your eyes and think you were in Pips, but that has unfortunately ended now. Shame!!!!!!!!! I am going to hold a party in the Yard Theatre where I live early March, which will play the stuff we loved at Pips and the odd other track which will evoke the era! Ara at Trinity Church (normally 4th friday of the month), plays some alternative '80s tracks as well as more recent alternative music. Recently I haven't been out much, as I had a bad cold and chest infection then my mum sadly died after a short illness, just a couple of months after her best friend. I'm currently there sorting everything out, popping bach home to check on things, like now. I will need the March party to cheer me up - will give you details soon.”
23 Jan 2010
“sue, So very sorry to hear your sad news. keep strong and remember time is a great healer.
On to happier things, where exactly do you live, and is yor party a celebration ?
Thanks for the info regards nights out. I remember us being spoilt for choice where to go, now we have no choice.”
08 Feb 2010
“I now live in Hulme, and the party is to have a nice event in mid-winter between Christmas and Spring. After everything that has happened lately, I will need it to cheer me up! Thanks for your kind words!
The party will, all being well, be on the 2nd saturday in March. Email me at for details!”
08 Feb 2010
“Party went great - and I'm now on Facebook!”
10 May 2010
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