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Russell Club
Always had a fantastic time at the Russell, so much so I didn't know that I'd seen some acts there untill people told me years later I was there with 'em !
Used to hang out with Alan Wise, Bernard Kelly(Gordon the Moron), Stan McLaughlin (Stan the Man), Cathy le Creme, et al. We thought we were so cooooool.
Happy days.
Artefact added : 7th May 2009
by mark shaw
Tony/Longfella Says –
Eardrop Explodes!

Gary Glitter and Victim!!

Isn't Toyah married to Robert Fripp?
COMMENT ADDED 7th May 2009
bouncy Says –
You were cooooool! Those were special times,I went every week to the factory,only missing the final night,the regulars felt like family that you never argued with.I remember being in the Red Lion in Withington,and Gordon the Moron had just returned from being on Top of the Pops,telling everybody how he saw Blondie in their dressing room.I think Tony,that Robert and Toyah have split I'm sure she mentioned it on TV a few months ago.
COMMENT ADDED 7th May 2009
abdom Says –
I used to go too and I cannot help but think this was 79 or maybe even 80.
COMMENT ADDED 8th May 2009
bouncy Says –
Never here a mention of the DJ's at the Factory,Danny and Pete. Danny always dressed like Bowie/Young American,really smart and Pete was more punkish with purple hair.They always knew what would make people dance,usually Skids,Ruts,Iggy,Dickies.
COMMENT ADDED 8th May 2009
BSL Says –
It's from '81, when flyers have days and dates on them it's easy to look them up on your computers calendar & find the correct year. It's come in handy uploading stuff to this site. B
COMMENT ADDED 10th May 2009
Ron Says –
its 1980 I got the same flyer from the Subs gig
COMMENT ADDED 12th May 2009
Flannel Says –
I remember my sister shouting at Wayne Barret at that Slaughter gig to show her his tattoos, so he.. er....did !
COMMENT ADDED 12th May 2009
Riot Nrrrd? Says –
mark shaw -

Can you please change the title of this to

The Russel Club - 1980

to correctly reflect the proper spelling of the club as well as the correct year (which is 1980, not 1981 BSL - you need a better calendar program mate)
COMMENT ADDED 12th May 2009
philplatt Says –
Wow, I used to play in 'Victim' a great Irish punk band, I also attended the Russell Club at least once every week, It was top, anyone remember the goats head stew? ha them were the days, proper seedy clubs!
COMMENT ADDED 12th May 2009
abdom Says –
Mike Joyce (Ex Smiths) was the drummer in Victim at one stage I seem to remember. I remember Goat Curry very bony. not many people actually ate there. The Mayflower had a burger that was 2 years old sat on the bar. It was a requirement of a late license in those days that you served food. But luckily there wasn't a law compelling you to eat the food they served!
I don't remember the Gary Glitter gig at the Russel club but vividly remember seeing him at Cavendish house the old Polytechnic students union, It was after he had gone bancrupt and he had to pay off some creditors or something. It was a fantastic gig they even built a fake stair case for him to make an grand entrance and also so he could "camp it up" and throw out roses. He had on a silver suit with enormous heels and shoulders and the gig was full of self deprecating humour. Which was much appreciated by the audience of mostly punks and skinheads.
Old Gary was a bit of a hero of mine for a times change.
PS can anyone tell me the date of the poly gig? or was it something I dreamt after too much cider
COMMENT ADDED 13th May 2009
simong Says –
I assume the 'They Must be Russian' who supported the Eardrop Explodes *cough* are They Must Be Russians from Sheffield, who handily link this archive in with the excellent SheffieldVision (www.sheffieldvisi...)
COMMENT ADDED 18th June 2009
abro Says –
i saw gary at the poly as well i think he was due to play the russel but due to popular demand...
COMMENT ADDED 8th September 2010
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