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Added 18th August 2009 by bornred


Promotional Item
The High, Inspiral Carpets, The Jerks, T'challa Grid, T'mill, The Hungry Socks

Hungry Sox minimal business card / promotional item. The Sox were a kind of reverse super-group who managed to be both unambitious and ambitious at the same time and comprised members of various Oldham bands Swinny (Martin Swinburne) on vocals, I think Chris Goodwin on drums (of T'Challa Grid, The Jerks T'Mill and most notably later, The High) ; Clint Boon on Organ(Inspiral Carpets, T'Mill) possibly Mani ("Mani", Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Freebass) on Bass, Andy Housley on Guitar (T'Challa Grid, The Cradle) Mainly a "for fun" covers band the only song I can clearly remember from their set was a version of the The Sonics' "Psycho" - I may very well be wrong about some of the above, it was a long time ago, so if you have any more info, please comment.

Latest Discussion

“The hungry socks where indeed described as a reverse super group in the press. Most notably they featured Mani [later of the roses and Primal Scream ] Clint boon [ Inspiral carpets] Chris Goodwin [ the High] Andy Housley [Craig Gannons The Cradle] and Martin Swinburne [Swinny] later of The Birdroom and Anderson ] They gigged frequently around the Northwest and more recently some interest has been shown in releasing some live material from the time .”
20 Aug 2009
“Hi Bobby, are you Swinny in disguise? Also, who was the 6th Sock?”
20 Aug 2009
“Swinny went on to perform as the wonderful Billy Big Bottom!! One man,two legs,a nose and a guitar!
"Nelsons Eye Ball" now thats a song!! He dueted with a great drummer for a while who had to stop himself falling off his stool laughing while trying to keep up with Billy!!”
12 Sep 2009
“Was the 6th sock Tony Welsh possibly?”
12 Sep 2009
“I seem to have heard of Billy Big Bottom but I've no idea why. Mani and Andy Housley played with T'Mill as well as I recall. I remember Tony Welsh could get incredibly drunk on incredibly little booze.”
28 Sep 2009
“Billy big bottom possibly only did the grey horse(now the castle) oldham. The 6th sock could have been anyone, so many musos around at the time in the long distant foggy memory.”
28 Sep 2009
“6th Sock possibly Starch Smith??”
13 Oct 2009
“I think the 6th sock was chilly !!!”
07 Nov 2009
“I think you might be right - i'd totally forgotten who Chilly was until you mentioned him!”
10 Nov 2009
“Ha ha! Yes I remember Chilly!!”
10 Nov 2009
“My mate Andy Mcvittie was in the Hungry Socks for a while, saw them at Tiffanys in Rochdale.”
13 Dec 2009
“Blimey Whispering Tony and Starch and Chilly, there are 3 blasts from the past. Thought the 6th sock was Chris Peart if I remember rightly who went on to be in T'challa Grid with Chris and Andy. There was a story I remember from years ago about Chilly driving a car down to a club in Manchester after pub shutting and going through roadworks and down a hole in the road, plod were behind him and knocked on, allegedly he wound the window down and said "does there appear to be a problem officer"”
11 Jun 2011
“Billy Big Bottoms classic was "Crawdaddy Hole" a lyrical masterpiece that included the line "If you've got the gums then i've got the plums now baby"”
11 Jun 2011
“Billy Big Bottom played the Carlton late 1980's and did a song called Mick Middles doesn't like me, whilst Mr Middles was sat there. Also T'Challa Grid used have a step ladder on stage as a prop, anybody know why?”
30 Jun 2011
“T'Challa Grid played Salford University with The Parade. They plsayed with a large step ladder on stage. I think it was a symbolic representation of an electricity pylon. They loved pylons. I think that was Clint's influence. Pylons and Cows. That's all they ever talked about. Good days.”
08 Nov 2012
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