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Added 26th April 2011 by dubwise-er


John Gannon, Ralph Randell a.k.a. Norman Ralph Mayles
The Ritz

From City Life, student special, Sept ’84. Groovy add to entice new victims to The Ritz.
The add for the clothes shop above is a bit disconcerting. The way you may have seen old photos of your Dad, or pictures of the fashions of their times and thinking how quaint, embarrassing and/ or daggy they look; well that add, which was aimed squarely at my generation, gives me exactly the same feeling. Very odd. It looks Goddamn awful! Mind you I know I wouldn’t have ever shopped at an outlet like that, couldn’t have afforded it for a start. It’s said most older people in their head see themselves usually around their prime of mid to late 20’s, which I would say for the most part is true, although there are days I feel more like 90. A friend of mine was telling me the exact same thing just recently, how every time she walks past a mirror she get’s a bit of a shock at the middle-aged person looking back at her. Then the next minute she’s alright again, happening around in her mid Twenties till the next time it happens; funny.....
Knock it on the head for a bit; discombobulation time again. Got to do some research on how to build my very own Hadron Collider, using an old Scaletrix I've set up in the garage. It won't be easy I know but if there's one thing I did learn from school it was perseverance. Will let you know how it goes blah....

Latest Discussion

“Mondays at the Ritz. An institution. Bobbing around on the bouncy dance floor to 'Nelly the Elephant' (or similar Ritz anthems). One of the best aspects of the Ritz experience, was falling out of the place at 2am with a beer induced hunger that could only be satisfied by one thing - chips and gravy froma n Oxford Rd chippy. And 2am gravy was as good as it got - sitting around all day congealing and condensing until reaching its treacly, dark brown zenith in the early hours of the morning. Mmmm....”
30 May 2011
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