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Stuck on label in the middle of a cardboard cover for a live album. Used to love this record, pretty raw ‘n that but good feel to it, though it would be many years since it hit the deck. I know it’s said patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel but it felt kinda good to be from round the way. So for all those kids who hung around Civic as young ‘uns (not much else to do and too young to play bingo!), it were grand.
First write up of the band I recall might have been in Sounds (or maybe the Evening News....?) where they played at The Patio in Stretford I think and the manager had to buy them drinks, crisps etc. cos they were under age; prob round ’76. Then there was the occasion they signed their record contract (for 60,000 quid I think...) , outside the dole at Rowlandsway, which was in the Evening News and the kind of publicity one top manager would promote. I remember clocking the flyers on telephone boxes where Shopping Giant later stood, promoting a band called the Sex Pistols (unusual name...) in town with a photo booth type picture in the corner of a lad with short hair of what turned out to be the singer; amazing I can still remember it, after all I swear I wasn’t there....I know there’s a punk festival in Blackpool in a few weeks and I’m sure some of the old guard would play at those sort of events. About 10 years ago I was driving up to Fleetwood and stopped in Morecombe on the way through which was swarming with young blue mohawk punky types, many of the Japanese persuasion. The woman in the chippy told me there’d just been a weekend punk festival and they were all heading home; that was a surprise. Think there’s been a renewed interest in that sort of music particularly among youths so fair play to a lot of those bands who probably never earned owt back then. A bit of recognition must be nice, even though many would be 50 + grandmas and grandpas by now...
I'm checking these uploads as I go 'cos I know a fair few of these records are already uploaded. Noticed in the Slaughter blurb someone asked something about tattoos.....well a lad called Oz who's older brother was also called Oz and was the soundman for J.D./ New Order I think; he had a Slaughter tattoo and I think "Made in Manchester" under it too....?Might be wrong but that 's definitely civic pride if it's right.
Artefact added : 31st July 2011
by dubwise-er
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