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Featuring: ACR, the Distractions, V2, The Fall, Martin Hannett.
Contributors: Andy Zero, Martin X, J.C., N.R.H.
Offices: Student Union, St John's College, Lower Hardman Str, M/C3

Featured in the following MDMArchive online exhibitions:
City Fun: The Hidden History of Manchester's Favourite Fanzine

It's friday and quite mundane, it should be raining....OH SHIT! isn't. thecity is terrifying; is frightening; is a prison. Just where do I go? EVERYWHERE-poseurs: and inevitably by labelling people as poseurs, and placing myself somehow above them-I myself am included in that unfortunate dictionary easy definition.
manchester where are you? I NEED.
I walk around and try real hard to look like a famous writer, with acigarette dangling beautofully from my lip. dylan thomas has the edge. no one is impressed. no one is neither.......
right where are people? virgin at the time of writing is closed - THANK GOD, (wish they'd stay closed for good.) due to moving(CERTAINLY NOT MOVEMENT, CERTAINLY NOT PROGRESSION.). I mooch down to the underground-HORROR MOVIE. girls with dyed hair and split skirts hate me. fifteen year old schoolboys buy overpriced Clash singles and say 'fab' ejaculate over blondie albums(now you know why they have plastic covers on them!). i swing out. last years thing etc. etc. etc. etc. reminds me of when I was very young (loved the book, hated the movie).....................our pilgrimess continues her journey (NOT PROGRESS) dot. dot. dot. dot etc.
past the arndale, life in a greenhouse. run past paper-chase (THE 'PEOPLES' SHOP). bump into a collection of acnified rush fans. it must be a nightmare, excuse me.
.....and so to Rare Records. The candy shop. red. blue. yellow. green. polka-dot. trendy. trendy. trendy. home of the 'deansgate swingers'. classification. classification. classific. classification. classification. classification. clas.
LADIES:- Top Shop, selfridge, Kendals punks. smoke 'more'; drink gin and tonic; are clean; don't sweat; speak loud; drop names - you've all seen them.
MALES:- flea market; purse their lips; effeminate; trendy(Hi , I'm bi); BUT DARLING IT'S SO TERRIBLY HIP TO SAY ONES GAY. --- WATCH THESE PEOPLE.
I am frightened. I am frightened by dis crimination, I am frightened because i can't find any real, honest people. i am frightened by prejudice. I am frightened to move for fear of BECOMING. to them i am always SOMETHING----i am a punk (because of my natty nit-clinic locks, i presume), i am a girl, i am a boy. i am insane. i am sane. i am obscene. i am inadequate. i am scared. WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL OF THIS??
Who gives a shit about what people appear to be. it's about time we (including myself) stopped judging people and hating them because they are soul fans, because they like disco music. I am a soul fan; i am apunk; i am a disco kid; i am gay; i am straight; i am black; i am white AND i am me. there is one valid differential between people- good people or bad people. my eyes are so frightened im only seeing bad.
EVERYTHING'S SO BLOODY HIP NOWADAYS, make a move and that's hip. stand on your head screaming and a million others would do it because they're frightened; frightened of being left out. frightened of being alone. frightened of missing something. somehting hip. FUCK HIP. I want to go away.
i catch my smart orange and white charabanc back to mummy and horlics and safety. THIS IS THE LAST STRAW! i would have to catch one of THOSE buses, which supply muzac 'for your enjoyment and pleasure'. sounds in motion.sound indescribable. noise annoys. noise sooths noise brain washes. I'm in atrance. yes i nod in perfect agreement. I am frightened. MUZAC. MUZAC. MUZAC- BUZZCOCKS 'love bites' played by the 'Hammond Organ' (which is pretty apt!)
Dean friedman. Eagles oh god! I think they're trying to get me into that small black speaker.
I think i hate the city. i think it hates me. i think i'm paranoid.
i hate. i hate, i hate. i hate every product; everybody; everygroup everyshop everybus everyclothing; every fad every fashion every 'scene'.
I feel like 1976.
my head aches. thank you god.
i am Sylvia Platn in reincarnation
i hate - and that's the saddest thing.

by James' don't call me scarface'Anderton
Artefact added : 23rd September 2012
by Abigail
Dave Haslam Says –
The 'City Fun' debut of Liz Naylor, later becoming the inspiration (and, partly, the script) of Charles Salem's super-8 film 'No City Fun'. The film was showcased by Factory Records, with other films, at FAC 9, a night of films at the Scala Cinema in London in Sept 1979.
COMMENT ADDED 16th November 2012
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