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Andy Zero, Martin X, Jacqui, Neil
Address: St John's College Student Union, Lower Hardman Str, M/C3

Featured in the following MDMArchive online exhibitions:
City Fun: The Hidden History of Manchester's Favourite Fanzine

Sitting on Oxford St. In 40 minutes 4 lots of police pass by, 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s. How long before they come out in 20’s- to keep safe? or to intimidate? The police introduce 24 hour observation- the traffic… and demonstrations… and riots… and how long before big brother admits to just watching us?x To quote ‘New Manchester Review’ :- “mounted on poles 14 metres high, the TV camerss will be in 19 strategic sites. Two are in Salford, and the 17 in the city includess 3 at junctions on the Mancunian Way, one in Albert Square and some along deansgate. There will also be one on the roof of County Hall, which could give a panoramic view of the whole of Piccadilly gardens.” Take note.

Went to The Factory on friday 13th. Wire and Manicured Noise. Didnt manage a free entrance- had to pay £1.50- prices for us kids on the dole eh? Manicurexd Noise were ok, interesting when the power stepped up, but I got easily distracted on the more ‘obscure’ bits- too quiet. Shades of xx Devoto, Shades of Van Der Graaf, -‘sound like Gong’- a quote. Manicured Noise is a different sound again- but whats with th e poses and bits of paper Gavin? Wire were good- I enjoyed them. A drummer like a machine; and spot-on timing; and good lighting – from behind the band. I wanted to jump up and down but my feet couldn’t leave the floor – a common problem. Strange time changes. A powerful performance. Firstencoreendswithconfusion. Second encore. Straight off, the end. Don’t know if I’d go again, or not(probably depends if I have to pay).

Saw The Distractions and The Fall at Kellys RAR last week. Both were good. The Fall intense as usual. Not a bad club – small intimate and good food.

I heard that the doomed were a bit untogether at the reopened Mayflower. (friday 13th)

Also friday 13th. Manchester, midday/mist/fog/smoke (what the fuck is this stuff??) obscures the city- never seen like this before. End of the world or what? The sun a white disc. The mist comes down. Remember the New York blackout.

Saturday 14th, The Distractions, Buxton. Cavers club ‘do’. lots of heavy cavers jumping up and down, and side to side- slipping and ‘sliding the night away. P.A. bouncing off the table. The Distractions – very good,- very tight, - good fun. Mike (Cyril the Fonze) and Steve (red and black harlequin) grabbing front line attention. Bass surge. Guitar distinction. Constant drums Clear voice. energy. Competence. fun. They knew it was good. What more. I can’t be objective – the best Distractions gigI’ve ever seen. Playing like this, why only in front of 100+ cavers and fans?
Andy Zero

yeah yeah yeah eyah punk is dead yeahyeah cried a voice from the crowd. everyone with ten pounds in their pocket who thinks their a bit hip has got a new pair of straight leg jeans so fucking what eh? punks not dead its just a bit bought out its been around two years everybody copys the style ive got a turned up collar so fucking what, so fucking what, so fucking what, so fucking what, eh? repitition so fucking what, so fucking what, so fucking what, eh? repitition so fucking what,
Artefact added : 28th October 2012
by Abigail
Dave Haslam Says –
Manchester weather/pollution update; “midday/smoke/mist/fog (what the fuck is this stuff?”. Manchester = more grey, more dark even than now. In a Joy Division documentary on XFM in 2007 Martin Moscrop of A Certain Ratio recalled this era; “Manchester was a very, very bleak place. It was dirty, all the buildings were black from the days they used coal. You used to get smog in the late 70s. It was so foggy you couldn’t drive a car.”
COMMENT ADDED 21st November 2012
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