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Kid Captain

Sabeeya Dawood writes in this Press Release; "Kid n. Informal. a child or young person. Captain n. a person of great power and influence who leads or commands As their name so audaciously suggests Kid Captain aren’t for the faint hearted. The quartet hailing from the very belly of England, have already been recognised by a variety of highly profiled sources, namely the BBC for their exceptional and incomparable talent which leaves most aghast. Having focused most of their attention in wowing the audience of Birmingham, they are keen to move North, East, South and West in order to conquer more hearts of fans with their captivating charm. It is clear where Kid Captain have drawn their influences from. Their exuberant and transcendent musical flare masterfully pools together to form their music and has enabled them to construct a solid foundation of irrefutable brilliance. With obvious connections to talents to the resonance of The Smiths, Joy Division and Interpol to name but a few, Kid Captain would not be knocked with this declaration of truth. However, where the connection may lie, Kid Captain have created an atmosphere around their music, tasting of progression, of individualism, of the merger of the old with the new to form something even more brilliant and radiant than what the world has witnessed before, which is blatant and clear with their 4 released tracks. ‘The End is hard to’ has a force, an unseen power which shouldn’t be reckoned with. Furious, heavy and commanding, this track presents a bold and intrepid statement that Kid Captain is far from mediocre. With spiralling guitar riffs aiding lyrics which tell an agonisingly emotional and frustrated tale of relationships, tainted with uncertainty and misplaced trust, Kid Captain leaves even the stone-hearted of listeners mesmerised, in awe over what has just befallen them. In completion, the tastefully thumping drum beats helps to envelope the expressively charged ensemble. A Contrast in Winter possesses a broodingly dark, haunting and boldly sombre persona. Its riveting melody, driven by two very talented musicians, breathes energy into the track in the form of reverberating undertones and cascading riff lines. Exit, en par to the previous, is a lively and dramatic boast whereby Kid Captain humbly flaunts their bountiful talent. They have equipped this installation with a breath-taking array of musical splendour, which rightfully awards itself as an instant hit. This bold proclamation that is a well deserved reality. America can but dream, although short, its acoustics echo and linger in the air even after finishing. Liken to the docile tones of Radiohead, it does not waver their already potent style. The calm, chilled sound allows a balance to remain, fuelling more proof that Kid Captain is so much more than your norm and very generic band. Their music, both highly intoxicating and invigorating, Kid Captain boast a degree of flexibility. A melange of opposites; mature yet wild, tame yet unpredictable, a raging war complimented by a calming peace, occupies you to keep guessing what the next move will be. A paradox that shares similarities with their name? The confusion aside, it is clear exactly how their talent encompasses a wider spectrum of musical aptitude. Armed with ‘shed loads’ of charismatic, potent in their lyrics and performance, Kid Captain possess an aurora of candescence so passionate and livid but at the same time an air of composure, that it’s difficult to find a fault in their ways. A winning formula, Kid Captain has started to turn those ripples of acknowledgement into waves of eager anticipation. Hold tight, England! Kid Captain has one aim and one alone. Conquer and lead." (Submitted 10/2/08)