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In the last 30 days the archive has grown by 43 new artefacts, 16 new members, 31 new people and places.


Joined 1st January 2008



Latest Discussion

“erm thats sammy and tony who did
a little bit of jockying at the gaff, and
the girl on the left looks like sharon”
30 Jun 2011
“I remember brubakers ..i was working as a jock at kicks bar on a thursdayand i was seeing one of the barmaids like you did and after all the staff would then pop down to brubakers (which later became vogue and which i worked a couple of nights when john chapman had it)
i think the guy who owned it was called john..erm...hill i think ..but anyway it would be packed with fanny cos they would have male strippers doing a spot ,,i think it got raided once or thrice and eventually closed down due to undercover wpc s in the they enjoyed the night and had a laugh though!...”
13 Apr 2010
“ha ! gail glough..she use to keep in touch by sendiing me a x mas card and on the back she would tell me what she was doing.. although some of the stuff sounded a bit o.t.t..i last met up with gail at a castlefield bar 8 years ago ..she had changed her a job agin and was now something do with getting acts booked to go and work in dubai and she waas in manchester to scout any good ones at the frog and bucketetc she would also name drop like mad an dtake calls on her phone and say out loud about flying up to scotland cos there on the v.i.p guest list after party concert with eminem !!blah blah...anyway some thing cropped up the next day she says she has to get back to dubai important meeting and all can track gail down on facebook under her real name not cherelle..moving on to chris lesser ..yes i knew he came from placemate did john chapman ...who ran the clubs as a whole for britannia..he brought with him ...paul risby who ran fridays in northenden...harry asgill who ran kicks where all the barmaids wore knickers and a bra.chris apparently now runs a little hotel in wales from the last i hear..paul anthony i met him at my audition for fridays at saturdays was on a thursday night.. the reason is paul wanted to drop the weds night he was doing because it was quiet and he was going down to london a lot keeping in touch with gay davies and hopping something might come his way..last thing a heard on paul a. he was doing m.u.t.v”
14 Mar 2010
“I only did a couple of hours at tiffs with phil...sorry the way i put was a bit main residency was leisure 2000 s gaff pips and then later (that s why i love this photo) rotters ...cos thats the view you got when you were stood outside and turned to the left(if you turned to the right fagins would come into view with mickey francis standing on guard behind the smoked glass)phil novac was the dj who also made a living out of playing a clint eastwood lookalike...even to this day.. i think he went on to radio station in whythinshawe but now is working or doing something in spain my spies tell me.. an di do remeber the westwood ho ..did a girl dj work there called holly berry..girl dj s there something whatever happened to jackie gee and her cats...cherelle aka gail glough the scruff (as wee willie used to call her) is in dubai working in a plastics surgeons office ....all of us from pips used to go to placemates on tuesdays anyone remeber that.. i would be knackered the next day getting up for work but boy did i enjoy it ..the energy and stamina you had as a teen would kill me now if i did it..”
13 Mar 2010
“I remember tiffinys 19 80 the monday nights were great wi th let me think ...phil novac as dj who would then double as a dj at the weekends at pips ..he would get 25.00pounds per night then which was good money as most of the jocks including myself were on 10 pound a night ,,with not being able to socialise at the weekend most of the clubland people would visit other clubs through the week i.e placemate on a tuesday and the likes of ..he hee grand old stuff so glad i was there then at that time ..the kids nowdays have nothin to compare with what was about ...nuff said ..GED FOLEY”
11 Mar 2010
“hi ime ged foley ..was a dj at pips in 79 my mentor
was steve bracewell in the roxy the main room was phil novac /steve james and johnny washington in the jazz funk room. gerald summers was the chairman /owner with bill pye and clause crott as directors /shareholders. the gen manager was
...john kingdom
followed by richard cull
and then phil elton
who can be found at the old monkey pub in town
we have set up a facebook with photos and would welcolme any more u can find
nuff said”
13 Apr 2008

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