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“I took this picture at 9pm on the Saturday night. Friends stood close shoulder to shoulder.

The time was nearly upon us, within minutes The Supreme’s ‘Stoned Love’ filled the rain soaked Manchester air and the moment had arrived.
Four men walked onto the stage. Four men greeted by 75,000 fans roaring their approval.

The opening notes from ‘Adored’ snaked out of Mani’s bass, and the place erupted. The people sing and a 22 year time void begins to close.

The first part of the set was a shimmering reminder of the 60‘s influenced psychedelic pop that made them stand out back when. A mixture of debut album tracks ‘(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister’, ‘Shoot You Down’, ‘Bye Bye Badman’- Singles and B-Sides- ‘Sally Cinnamon’, ‘Where Angel’s Play’ & ‘Mersey Paradise’. All met with anticipation and positive response from the crowd. The first of two ‘Second Coming’ tracks breaks the reflective moment and affirms that ‘yes this is happening’. ‘Ten Story Love Song’ rolls and sheets of shimmering rain fell and blew across the lilac and red stage lighting, this seemed the moment when band and crowd connect. Then comes a truly blissful working of ‘Standing Here’ Ian Brown whispering cool ‘I should be safe forever in your arms’ a special moment.

Every track was a moment in it’s own right. Accompanying each track was it’s own individually styled visual which beamed out from giant screens both sides of the stage. A mixture of black and white, colour or solarised thermal imaging of the band as they performed, layered with Squire’s Pollock style artwork, lemons and the letters from the current tour posters dripping from the screens.

Then comes the groove. Mani’s Bass throbs into your chest, Reni’s flawless drumming rhythm rises up and both warp into the recognisable opening of ‘Fools Gold’…… heads down, time to dance! Across the park the dusk faded and the lights and lasers cut through the night sky . As Ian’s vocal cools out, the fluid Roses rhythm pours its way through your synapses…. and then the guitar. John Squire takes off, striking chords and manipulating licks, feedback and electricity bounce around the stage to mesmerising effect. Ian Brown glides around the stage with 2 tambourine shakers in hand, held high, sprinkling the magic as he goes. Fifteen or so minutes on and the groove cuts deeper ‘Somethings Burning’ rumbles and winds it’s way throughout the collective consciousness of the Park and gives you time to stand and watch the glorious playing this band are capable off. The big screens emit colourful cascading lemons

The chiming chords of ‘Waterfall’ come next, the crowd up the singing levels and smile. The psychedelia flows as the thankfully received ‘Waterfall’ morphed into the backwards glory of ‘Don’t Stop’ - lyric and dynamics collide 'Wake I still look I feel loose.
We're all here now who's the first, ease into my heart....' A mutating wall of evocative noise and reverse reverb ensured a definite effect....mindblowing.

The heavy blues guitar sneer of ‘Love Spreads’ crashed through the fug, clearing the senses, preparing you for the rise.

‘Made Of Stone’, opened up & emotions fly, a powerful song, a great chorus no sign of the crowd faltering. ‘This Is The One’ felt like the song that referred to the day, what all in attendance had been waiting for.

‘She Bangs The Drums’ next and the party shifts towards its peak, 20 + years fall away, band and crowd are here and now. ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ was followed by the triumphant rush.. ‘I Am The Resurrection’ and what a rush it is, Reni’s Northern Soul beat driving the euphoric pulse, its time to look around and draw on the moment just as I had done back when. Crimson smoke flares burn bright across the crowd, a sea of upstretched hands push high into the night sky & sing it…. ‘I Am The Resurrection and I Am The Light’… we have lift off. The pause hits, the groove sucks you in and the outro gets the treatment ‘Fools Gold’ got earlier, the finale shows that the band are enjoying the moment as much as the crowd are. Nobody wants this to end but when it did the four men that are The Stone Roses meet centre stage, hug and bow to the crowd.

A Firework display ends proceedings with Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ ushering people off into the night

The Roses brought the magic to Heaton Park for sure, the Northern Lights shine again.”
14 Jul 2012
“The Clause 28 gig with James was six months earlier, Monday 30th May a bank holiday. There's a poster for it on here.”
04 Feb 2009
“It was a top gig, during the set I remember looking round and really felt something special was happening. This Is The One captured the rush of the gig perfectly.”
21 Sep 2007
“The setlist was

Heart On The Staves
So Young
I Wanna Be Adored
Here It Comes
Tragic Roundabout
Open Your Eyes
Getting Plenty
Tell Me”
21 Sep 2007
“Pretty sure it was in a railway arch on Fairfield Street, that was hired & paid for off British Rail by Steve Adge.
Tickets were sold with instructions to phone Spirit Studios on the night to find out where the gig was.
Much like the early raves three years later.”
20 Sep 2007
“Yep thats the one, the full gig was filmed, will try and find a link. An early gig, I think the Warehouse was in Fairfield Street behind Piccadilly Station. The sound is raw and energetic, Ian dressed in black, cropped hair, in and out of the crowd, John Squire & Pete Garner in Clash / Mick Jones mode. Andy Couzens weaving about stage left and Reni stripped topless awesome drumming, pounding the rhythm out. Shows the Roses as a sharp and tight outfit even early on, a great gig!

There is quite lengthy pre- gig crowd footage too which is worth a look at. The crowd was a mix of punks, goths, skins, casuals. Gone now are the days of defined style when you could tell what music people were into by how they looked / dressed.”
19 Sep 2007
“Hi Greg, the article was printed in an early copy of Debris magazine.... or was is Muze? I dont have the mag anymore just the cutting, it definitely came from one of the two.”
18 Sep 2007
“The International building is still there, its called Venus Foods or summat like that, a Turkish food shop, sacrilege!”
31 Jul 2007
“Was The International called Oceans 11 previously?

I remember the bar at The International having loads of band signed black & white promo photos stuck around it.

A real horses leg?? should have kept it mat, would have made a great replacement & conversation piece if you ever broke the leg of a table!”
31 Jul 2007
“PF is still living in Manchester, he has a new solo album out '57 stars of the air almanac' released 6th August

The album launch is on monday august 6th at The Roadhouse, Manchester - doors 7pm stage 8.30pm - support acts to follow”
30 Jul 2007

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