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Joined 1st January 2008



Latest Discussion

“Hi Abro, sorry about the typo!!!.

Yes that is you in the background of the photo, I recall you were the roadie at this concert, when Armed Force supported the Angelic Upstarts.”
06 Sep 2010
“Hiya SD; yes it was me and my brother Norman who were at the Patti Smith and Television gig at the Academy.

Remember Norman who got extremely upset at missing Television because I said we had plenty of time and stayed on for a pint or 2 in Big Hands? He's never forgiven me but you've got to laugh!!!!!

I know that Lynda and Norman have some of the early demo tapes, especially some of our set and 'Foreign Press' from the Stuff the Superstars gig, that OZ PA put together. We are also trying to get a copy of the John Peel gig we played at Cavendish House, that we hope his family may have in his archives somewhere.

If I ever get a copies from them, I will make some further copies and send them out to anyone that may be interested”
01 Dec 2009
“Hi dj and mitch and all,
I have a photo showing Norman, Drummer with Armed Force, who were supporting the Angelic Upstarts at the Cavendish House in 1979. This was close to All Saints Park on Oxford Road which was across the road from 'Johnny Roadhouse' RIP.

In the background of the photo is the painting of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. I will be shortly downloading this on the Armed Force and Venue archives.”
07 Nov 2009
“Hi everyone, Colin here.

Reading through your emails and finding out that Rob has passed away is something of a shock to me. I am gobsmacked and I can't believe that Rob is no longer here.

Gary, if you ever read these communications I want you to know that I am extremely saddened by this news and know that you must be devastated.

Although we haven't seen each other in such a long time I will always have the fondest memories of Rob, especially when Rob and I would go to Cavendish House for a pint and a sandwich and occasionally meet up with Mick from the Frantic Elevators and talk about football, which was always of great interest and humour to us all, especially as Rob and I were die hard City fans and Mick was, well lets just say, Mick was not a City supporter.

Rob, although not the greatest Band Manager in the world was never short of commitment. I shared a flat with Rob, Muppet and Dave in the early days of the band and admired his enthusiasm in everything that he thought was a good idea. 'Stuff the Superstars' wil be forever immortalised in history as will Rob telling Tony Wilson to F*** Off at the Mayflower Club, shortly after Tony wanted to take over the single after its release that night. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!!!!!!

Rob will always be dear to my heart and I am sure that those of you who knew Rob Crane, you will also have an anecdote or two to share.

Rob, I drink to your memory, your humour and your love of Manchester City .... RIP”
07 Nov 2009
“Hi Arnie
This was the night when Muppet, Armed Forces singer and several others were taken to the local police station because of a fight against some NF that were in the pub around the corner.
Gordon Kaye aka Renee of the series 'Hello 'Hello' came to the gig and was the one who went to aid of those arrested and eventually managed to persuade the police that in the interest of all concerned that they should drop any charges they may have against those they were holding which they eventually did.
I remember emotions being fired up and we went on to play the gig without Muppet until the last few numbers, when everyone arrived back in the hall and the place went mad.

From what I also remember, it was a great concert.”
05 Oct 2008
“No, The Drummer was Norman O'Neill, my Brother, but an Ian Massey played drums for the band I was in after Armed Force split up, could be one and the same person? I have also spotted a few people on the photo that I knew really well, so this certainly makes this picture even more special.”
05 Oct 2008
“The band I was in 'Armed Force', supported The Damned at this gig. It was such a memorable occasion, especially when one of the guitarists broke several strings while playing and it took ages to replace these while we all stood waiting on stage.
Captain Sensible must have took pity on us, so by the time we were ready to start playing again, he joined us on stage and sang along with Lynda and Muppet to 'Popstar'. What a great bloke and as has already been mentioned, the band always knew how to get the best out of their audience.
New Rose is and always be my most favourite song of this era. 'Is she really going out with him?'”
05 Oct 2008
“Hi Abdom
It's Colin here, Armed Force Bassist. Hows it going?

Someone in work told me about this site and it is like a long walk down memory lane. Great to see some of the old names that were around during this period, contributing to this site.

I have some memorabilia which I hope to download soon but need to get this scanned and sent to this guy in the states, who wants to release a Manchester collective cd called Messthetics. So hopefully a version of popstar will be included on this.

I have been trying to get hold of Muppet, so if anyone sees him at a Stalybridge Celtic game, I would appreciate it if you could let him know.

Oh and yes I remember Neville, so it doesn't surprise me that he said that to their Manager.

He also turned down other bands, around this time, but none as successful as the Clash, if only they played, what a story to tell the kids. This is why Rob and Andy started to get involved in putting on bands.
All the best,
30 Sep 2008
“A lot of Great Punk/New Wave bands played at this venue during the late 70's. The gigs were promoted by Rob Crane, Armed Force Manager and Andy Zero, City Fun. The average cost of a ticket £1.00 - £2.00.
Do you remember the bands that played here, such as Crass, Ultravox (who had just released Vienna), The Ruts, Slaughter and the Dogs, Joy Division, The Fall, The Distractions to name but a few. Yes it was a dive but after Rafters closed it was the only alternative venue alongside The Russell Club (Factory). Muppet and Lynda were the singers in Armed Force, Norman on Drums, Jim and Aki on Guitar and Colin on Bass. They played a lot of the support gigs here and although the following was local, it was always a good night except for the long walk home. The guy that owned this club also owned the Nile Club in Moss-Side but his daughter ran the Mayflower. There should be a plaque where the club once stood to commemorate the start and end of a great era and also one of the Greatest Concerts ever in Manchesters history 'Stuff the Superstars' Anarchy at its best.”
29 Sep 2008