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Joined 1st January 2008



Latest Discussion

“Ah Spin A Disc, what memories. I spent a fair bit of my pocket money here on all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Steve was great, a very dry and funny bloke. The amount of people hanging out at the shop (including my sister Kirsten!) not buying anything, I was surprised he ever made any money - well he didn't, which is why they closed down!

As I recall he 'discovered' Sheila Chandra (who had a minor hit with "Ever So Lonely") and had his own record label, where he was billed as "Steve Cyclepath" !”
21 Jan 2011
“Beach Red I remember as a bunch of blokes in long coats with flat tops playing at the Cypress Tavern.

The Ritz gig, so far as my faulty memory recalls, had them coming on at some ridiculously late hour - long after my last train had gone, that's for sure - and playing only for 45 minutes, no encore. People were not happy bunnies, and I had to share a taxi to Stretford and walk from there to Urmston, as I didn't have the taxi fare, getting home about 2.30am. I do remember the fella in the cage, though. And the Ritz's springy dancefloor.

New Order's first gig after Ian Curtis died as a trio was at the Beach Club. Barney came on stage and said something like "We are the living remains of Crawling Chaos*"

* who were also a popular beat combo of the time in Manchester.”
21 Jan 2011
“I saw the Here and Now concert - I think the Manchester Mekon supported them. The Poly was great. Cheap beer, good acoustics, near the Train station and the last bus home. What more could a man want ?”
23 Jan 2008
“Yes, I remember it WAS Armed Force. And very good they were too. And yes, the aged rockabilly was indeed Cyril, well remembered! I have a tape of our solitary concert there, with Cyril's dulcet tones announcing a forthcoming concert by "Red Alert" (whither they ?)”
23 Jan 2008
“God, I'd forgotten about Muppet. Didn't he used to be with a band as well? A band I was in (The Janetix) played a gig at the Mayflower/Funhouse supporting his band (a 6 piece with a female vocalist), who were in turn supporting the Notsensibles (who had a minor hit with "I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher").

We (the Janetix) turned up mob-handed and took over the dressing room, and played to about 600 rabid punks who probably weren't keen on a band playing a Hawkwind cover, to be honest. The guy doing the MCing that evening was a big rockabilly bloke who also did security at Virgin Records during the week.”
22 Jan 2008
“My parents went frequently in the 60s-70s. It was a real 'chicken in a basket' place.”
22 Jan 2008
“I saw this (brief) line up of the Passage play with the Hamsters and various other bands at the Cyprus Tavern (I remember one was a rockabilly band who had their double bass nicked) - I think it was a New Year's Eve concert.”
22 Jan 2008
“You can't see this at this resolution, but Andy was still wearing his school uniform (he'd just left MGS to join the Passage)”
22 Jan 2008
“I went to the first of these, and missed the I-Beats; God's Gift were going through an unlistenable phase. The Manchester Mekon were superb.”
22 Jan 2008