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Added 27th December 2007 by Ron

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Moss Side Stories


The Freshies, John Cooper Clarke
Alexandra Park
8th August 1981

Flyer for CND rally summer '81 (it threw it down), dont think Hawkwind turned up. The Damned also played the Mayflower that night in aid of local kids' charities.

Latest Discussion

“If you look on You tube there is some footage of Chris Sievey and the Freshies doing 'Wrap up the Rockets' at the event, with the sound dubbed from the single. You can also spot John Cooper Clarke.”
14 Apr 2008
“hi alastair - i've looked on youtube for this but can't find... do you have a link please?”
02 Sep 2008
“Hello Mat,

-you have to sit through a minute of Frank Sidebottom beforehand, however. Brace yourself!

03 Sep 2008
“I remember this day so well, I was only 11 at the time, but already a festival veteran. It was the first time I heard John Cooper-Clarke, he did 'Evidently Chickentown', I thought he was amazing. I think The Damned did 'Smash It Up', needless to say they were chaotic and brilliant.

The other thing that sticks in my mind was that it was just after the Moss Side riots and the shops on the Parkway were all burnt out. The police had obviously been briefed to keep a very low profile and not intervene in case it kicked off. As a result quite a few people were VERY openly smoking spliffs under their noses which was unusual to say the least in the days of James Andertons regime!

I wore my badge that i got on the day for weeks.
Btw I don't remember Hawkwind OR the laser turning up!”
26 Feb 2009
“that's quite a long march too! not sure the kids would be up for that much walking these days...”
26 Feb 2009
“I'd been press-ganged by a friend to help serve burgers and sausage butties from the 'Divine Light Mission' tent, which was strange because they were all vegetarians!
The Freshies were brilliant, I remember, but The Damned were disapointing. I missed Ronnie Laine, which was a pity, and was too busy to catch the others.”
05 Mar 2009
“Truth be told Mat; we went straight to the park.
It was really raining hard.
I am still a fair-weather campaigner!”
06 Mar 2009
“I remember taking part in the march and getting soaked, and the burnt out shops on Parkway. the Damned chatted to us young punks through the fence at the side of the stage. ( I was fifteen ) The NME or was it Sounds (?) had a big review with a photo taken from behind JCC, has anybody still got it?
After the gig we got lost in Moss side looking for a bus stop. We went up to a man in a sharp suit next to a big white car, and asked him where we could get a bus- he said " You want BUSH?"”
06 Mar 2009
“We were on a flat bed truck with the band Terrorist guitars they played outside strangeays to the huge crowd, later that night after the carnival the Dammed played a charity gig organsised by big cyril @ the mayflower and Terrorist guitars supported them. Top day, great times”
08 Mar 2009
“I remember marching from Stockport to town with stockport CND and catching the bus to Alexander park after meeting some mates outside Oasis. It all kicked off during the Damneds set with a few missiles[not cruise] being lobbed about, ive still got a bootleg tape somewhere, Hawkwind didnt play but i seem to remember a reggae act did.”
08 Mar 2009
“Yeah all the hippies were pissed off with the no show by Hawkwind, so they decided to take their frustrations out on the punks by throwing bottles from behind the stage into the crowd, my mate Mike Reigate got hit by a cider bottle, luckily it didnt smash but it left him with a massive lump on his head”
10 Jun 2009
“During this time i saw the Damned play at numerous places in Manchester and Tameside, i saw them 2 weeks ago at Strummercamp at Mcr rugby club and the annoying thing is the cpt hasnt aged a bit....bastard. I would love to see if anyone has any more footage of the day/march/gigs.”
11 Jun 2009
“Damned set list for the Alex Park gig was-Blackout,Lively Arts,JCBH Today,Plan 9...,Dr Jeckyll..,Smash it up,Drinking about my baby,Melody Lee,Hit or miss,NoiseNoiseNoise,Lovesong,NeatNeatNeat,New Rose,Ballroom Blitz,Looking at you”
18 Jul 2009
“that is a great set list... wow.”
19 Jul 2009
“there were no bottles thrown from behind the stage into the crowd someone must have been doing some good drugs to imagine that, there are more pictures of the event, the damned jcc etc at- the archive -uk rock festivals website- also the earlier carnival against racism is there too ,I also let some of my photos of the cruise missiles event be used for the john cooper clarke best of cd- i have some film footage of the march arriving and audio recordings here too”
18 Nov 2009
“Just checked out the great photos on the website.I dont know about bottles being lobbed into the crowd from behind the stage but i remember a bloke in front of me getting hit on the head during a manic Love Song and the band stopping to lecture everyone about fighting among themselves.They then introduced the next song Neat Neat Neat as Stairway To Heaven.”
18 Nov 2009
“I can see me & my cousin Antony in the clip from Alex Park. We went on the march & left before the Damned (to go to the pub, strange cos I love(d) them. We used to go & see the Freshies at virtually every gig them days. Ive still got all all the records”
27 Nov 2009
“Ozit, i wasnt doing any drugs, good or bad and ive just spoke to a mate who was there also and he confirmed my story about the bottle throwing incident, i'm not saying there were hundreds thrown or anything like that but there were definitely a few came over.”
19 Dec 2009
“Sad news about the death of Chris Sievey.”
21 Jun 2010
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