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Photo taken at Tiffany's Oxford Rd. Manchester showing D.J.'s (left to right) Steve Reno, Mike Shaft, Jonny Owen and Steve Turner. Aaah, those were the days !!
Artefact added : 5th June 2008
by barbarella29
mat Says –
is steve reno named that cos he played at the reno?
COMMENT ADDED 6th June 2008
barbarella29 Says –
I think it's highly likely but I don't know where that was. I know someone told me his surname was actually Newton and he used to do Sun. and Mon. nights at Tiffany's and Sat. nights at Philips Park Hall in Whitefield. So what was the Reno ?
COMMENT ADDED 6th June 2008
mat Says –
the reno club was at the crossing of princess parkway and moss lane east - opposite where the brewery is now - i think that's right- i don't actually remember it myself. I believe it was a big hang out for the black and jazz/funk communities.

this is from

"The Reno.
Reno Club established in 1962 – 1987 by Phil Magbotiwan. This started out as a Salvation Army hostel for African Seaman and was somewhere they could sleep; buy a hot meal & a cigarette. Many people involved in the television/music/entertainment business would come after the clubs in town had shut down. Somewhere there is television archive of them - most likely a BBC documentary on the “coloured” population." Upstairs was housed The NIle Club.

Both venues have songs named after them on A Guy Called Gerald's Lp 'Black Secret Technology'.
COMMENT ADDED 7th June 2008
Abigail Says –
I love this photo - nice one barbarella!
COMMENT ADDED 9th June 2008
barbarella29 Says –
Thanks! Any particular reason why ?
COMMENT ADDED 10th June 2008
Abigail Says –
Just never seen Richard Roundtree and Kevin Keegan in the same room before. Must have been some night!
COMMENT ADDED 16th June 2008
barbarella29 Says –
I see what you mean! Not sure I can remember though-too many cider and blackcurrant?!
COMMENT ADDED 17th June 2008
Tigger Says –
I worked the Nile club off 'n on for two years (1970-2). They thought it was 'strange' that a white kid was really into Blue Beat and Ska and had the sounds.. and could do 'The hip grine' to boot (which I learnt there - thanks Charlotte and Ursula). Never went to the Reno though.
Agree with Permafrost regards the Roundtree/Keegan comment... another case of 'seperated at birth'..though you forgot to mention Steve's impression of - Kid Jensen
COMMENT ADDED 9th October 2008
deadhead Says –
if my memory serves well which it dont the reno was a blues club just at the bookies opposite harp lager excellent sinsemelia available from that bookies though in those days
COMMENT ADDED 9th October 2008
barbarella29 Says –
Thanks to Mat for being able to transfer an old cassette tape which we recorded in Tiffany's back in September 1977, onto a CD which I can now play and so relive the wonderful times I spent in there. Steve Reno was the DJ that evening and is quite a feature on this tape. It does bring back memories! Thanks again Mat for your help- I couldn't have done it without you!
COMMENT ADDED 13th October 2008
mat Says –
no problem- sorry it took so long...
COMMENT ADDED 13th October 2008
Idle Al Says –
Blimey....whatever happened to Mike Shaft????
COMMENT ADDED 4th May 2009
bouncy Says –
Mike Shaft's on Radio mcr on a sunday morning,mainly a religious programe,but yeah,he now sounds like Trevor Mc Doughnut
COMMENT ADDED 5th May 2009
goodnightvienna Says –
johnny owen and steve reno were best mates in the 70s johnny worked at pips and steve was at cella vie his real name is newton i think he sells double glazing these days. johnny does the breakfast show on signal radio. mike looks cool lol
COMMENT ADDED 30th June 2009
johnny owen Says –
Oh Blimey I had completely forgotten about this photo..goodnightvienna is spot on.. me and Steve were best mates throughout the70's. and Mike Shaft was later to employ me on Sunset Radio. not seen Mike for years but a lovely guy we worked together at Pips in the mid 70's The other guy is Steve Turner who worked for EMI records check out my blogs
COMMENT ADDED 14th April 2010
motoringmitch Says –
Ha ha, memories, you could always spot the talent,
(they didn't have shirts and ties on!).
Always a great night at "Tiffanys" queuing up for your coat at the end then trying hard not to fall down the stairs. Then a quick trip next door for a kebab, then leg it to Piccadily for the all night bus!
COMMENT ADDED 17th August 2010
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