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Added 1st October 2012 by Abigail

Featured in the following Online Exhibitions:
City Fun: The Hidden History of Manchester's Favourite Fanzine


Buzzcocks, Elti-Fits, Fast Cars, Joy Division, Magazine, Spherical Objects, Vibrant Thigh, X-O-Dus (Exodus), Private Sector
Russell Club
6th May 1979

Featuring: Magazine, Buzzcock, Joy Division, Exodus
Contributors: Andy Zero, Martin X, Doris Day, Lizzy Haines
Office: Russell Club, Royce Road, Hulme, Manchester (unconfirmed).
Date of publication approx.

Loop the loop,up and over,and keep it there,slowly girating about the fixed sales point,slowly,no,RAPIDLY disappearing up your own creativity vacuum.
And so the loop becomes a noose."The records are doing so wellthat we just can't play small venues anymore,we couldn't get all the fans in". AND THERE WAS POOR NAIVE ME,THINKING THAT THE MORE UNITS YOU SOLD,THE CHEAPER THE PRODUCT ULTIMATELY BECAME. "We have to use all this elaborate gear(more expenses immediately loaded onto Joe Public) to get the sound we are ultimately aiming for.Methinks this should read........ "BLAST THEIR FUCKIN BRAINS OUT TOCOVER UP HOW BAD WE REALLY ARE,IT WOULD NEVER DO FOR THEM TO COTTON ON THAT WE'RE NOT AS GOOD ON STAGE AS THE STUDIO MAKESUS,WOULD IT? And face it,be honset,how many bands are as good on stage as they are on record? Who'se kidding who?
TRAPPED! Set a thief to catch a thief.......True as a certain drummer,not a million miles from here once said"RECORDS ARE A DIFFERENT THING,A SEPARATE ENTITY,You cando things on record that you can't do on stage,it's justifiable because it makes the record a better thing to buy and have".True,very true,my friend,but you're in a band that can pull it off.Stay in control.Most of the sell-out bands are as interesting as log tables,both on and off stage.
WILL THE CIRCLE BE BROKEN? Yes,definitely.People are showing the way.The Fall won't compromise,the Distractions won't be browbeaten into doing anything they don't agree with,Manicured Noise are taking time and trouble to get it right,the Smirks are going through Hell and High Water to prove what,if we care to admit it, to be the truth.Private Sector don't aim to be just another Feelgoods,they aim to be better. I like their attitude,I think they'll do it.Bands like the Passage,Mekon,Thiings,Spherical Objects,Joy Division,Notsensibles,(apologies to any I've missed,you know who I mean,Maaan)
'Ere,they're all bleedin' Manchester bands".OF COURSE THEY ARE(although I do like SOME bands fromLondon and the "provinces." and even one or two American bands) But do you honestly believe that the future of creativity lies within the hallowed vaults of U.A., E.M.I., C.B.S, and the rest of them.No,mate,creativity may well END THERE..........Go by their track record,there's no dispute.
SURE,everyone wants to make records,get some airplay.YOU'RE BORN WITH AN EGO, WHY NOT USE IT?Everyone needs bread,at least to make a living out of the fucking game. Christ knows, it costs enough to get into it.But let's get it into perspective.IF every one went to the gigs that really MATTER,instead of going to the over-publicised pap,just to be one of the heard,IF everyone bought the discs that they really enjoyed playing, instead of the glossy,shrink-wrapped products of the musicalWoolworth's. IF the bands got their aims right,to get progressively better(NOT just hit the A&R Man's idea of a "peak" and try to stay there at all costs.IF they had the idea of making a living out of the business,instead of making themselves a fortune tosplit between the fuckin' Government and the record companies. THEN WE'D HAVE THE BREAK WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR,THE SPIRIT OF ' 76 come true.Never mind "Get it while you can, very few ever do.Let's all work for ourselves.
FUCK THE TYCOONS,what do they care about R&R anyway? If they killed it off tomorrow they wouldn't give a fuck,they'd just shrug it off and get into something else. Who wants to be a record company employee? The money's better at Kellogs......The job's pretty much the same,too(putting corn into packages).
Martin. X.

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“More anti ‘sell-out’ reasoning, with high hopes that The Fall, Joy Division and The Passage would resist. Again it marks out City Fun as committed to that post-punk ideal of music being an activity open to all that’s about more than making money.”
23 Nov 2012
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