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Joined 27th February 2017


Alf henshall

Latest Discussion

“Hi. I knew Slaughter wen i lived in Wythenshawe. I used to pal out with Brian Grantham their drummer. I'v not been to any of these 'Rebelion' concerts though. Johnny Marr was my replacement in Sister Ray, he only did one gig i think , it was at Forum Hall, Wythenshawe.”
16 Oct 2022
“Hi Samantha. Sorry to hear that Alan passed away some time ago, i remember his long hair - he didn't have dreads during that time but Bill Anstee the drummer did.”
15 Oct 2022
“Haha ! Funny thing to say , from a funny bloke !”
17 Sep 2022
“Hi Bill. Nice to hear from you. Hows the dreadlocks - if your anything like me then hair is now in short supply! I'm keeping well, not lived in Wythenshawe for years. I live in Stockport with my collection of guitars -got too many! and my cycles, i love getting out on the cheshire lanes or off road down the canal towpath. Its kept me fit over the years. Shame about Alan and Clive passing. You done good living in a nice place ! I put some stuff on Twitter quite often , fond memories of our time in Sister Ray. Glad your doing ok , bye for now.”
02 Sep 2022
“No probs . Everytime i hear Lou Reed singing a song like 'Waiting For The Man ' or anything by Velvet Underground , it always reminds me of Clive - he was a big Lou Reed fan . He also admired Mick Jagger - Clive could do the 'showman' bit as good as them ! Here's my email address for future ref. Alfie.”
17 Jul 2021
“Here's a memory from when we played at College Of Building , Hardman st. Manchester. One of the songs in our set was called 'Mental' -( about a dearanged man who murders people- i don't think you'd get away with it these days being all about mental health etc.. Well as we started playing the 'eerie' guitar intro. Clive came on stage wearing a white doctors type coat and a carrier bag . The song speeds up towards the end and Clive goes into a manic act and pulls out a pigs head ! He then stabs the head repeatedly as he cries " I'm mental , I'm mental" ! He left a bit of a gory mess on stage and when me and Bill went to pick up our gig money the next day the college were none to pleased to say the least !”
17 Jul 2021
“Thanks Wendy. I will go soon and have a look, i can cycle from my flat to Mill lane , Cheadle as i live about 4 mile away. Its good to reminece about Clive and the band - the bass player also passed away a few years ago too. There's just me and the drummer Bill -( who i believe lives Hebden Bridge) living now. Alfie.”
17 Jul 2021
“Thanks Wendy. I remember Sarah , she was only a toddler at that time. I didn't know Wanda moved to Netherlands - she split from Clive and went out with the Drummers brother as i remember. Clive was seeing another girl too but i can't remember her name - i couldn't keep up with who was seeing who ! I didn't know Clive had another Daughter Kate or two sons either ! Must have all happened after i left the band. Alfie.”
17 Jul 2021
“Hi. Thanks for the info. Regarding Clives grave- i will have another look , i don't live too far from the cemetary. Yes Clive liked a drink or two - maybe a bit too much at times shall we say ! Wanda was our manager for a while and got the band gigs. I eventualy wanted to move on and play blues - which was my main interest. Johnny Marr was my replacement - he was just a young lad at that time. If ever i go past Whalley Range area i always think of the cellar where we practiced in Bill Anstee's -(drummer) flat. Happy days , we were all very fired up and loved playing. Have you heard the track 'Suicide' on utube ? It was taken from a album we were featured on called 'Identity Parade' . You get an idea of how Clive used to sing !”
17 Jul 2021
“Hi WendyWoo71 . Glad you found the Sister Ray site on the music archive. I knew your uncle Clive very well , we both were music mad and played our guitars everyday writing songs together . I used to go round to his flat he shared with his girlfriend Wanda and daughter in Northen Moor and they would come round to my flat in Peel Hall , Wythenshawe . Clive always had a guitar with him - he seem to carry it everywhere he went ! I was very sad wen i heard he had passed away - i would have liked to have gone to his funeral but heard the news too late. I believe his funeral was at Mill Lane cemetary , Cheadle , i have tried to visit his grave but have not found it . If i can be of any help regarding Clive - he didn't like his name so he called himself Ray ! Please let me know. Regards Alfie.”
17 Jul 2021