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In the last 30 days the archive has grown by 48 new artefacts, 17 new members, 22 new people and places.


Joined 10th November 2015



Latest Discussion

“This is great! I'll add your info to his biography if that's ok. Great to hear from a relative of his - he was so helpful in Manchester's music education and performance.”
04 Oct 2022
“Thanks! I love showing it off ;D”
23 May 2022
“Hi Penelope and Molly, thanks so much for spotting my mistake! I didn't upload the whole programme - whoops. I'll pop that on the list of things to do before the holidays if I can. Fingers crossed and thanks again :)”
08 Dec 2021
“Hi muninman, we don't have much info past this point but according to an internet search she was in Northern Ireland for most of the latter half of the 1960s. Did you know her at all?”
09 Aug 2021
“Ah thanks Mike! I'll change the tags. You're a star :)”
02 Dec 2020
“Thanks for sharing this flyer. We only keep our own productions in the archive at the RNCM so it's great to see other use of the venue being represented here. Thanks!”
21 Aug 2020
“Thanks for sharing the pics, Ian. I didn't see this gig but it looks great!”
21 Aug 2020
“I remember this gig! It was such a lovely night. Thanks for sharing your pics.”
21 Aug 2020
“Thanks so much for posting this! :D”
21 Aug 2020
“You're welcome, OT. Did you know the school or Ida Carroll? If you have any memories or information about them, I'd love to hear them! Ta, Heather.”
17 Feb 2020

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