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Manchester's most treasured lyric revealed

Shelagh Delaney PHOTO: Getty Images

To coincide with our panel discussion on song lyricism at the Louder Than Words Festival last weekend we ran a survey inviting users of MDMArchive to nominate their favourite couplet from a Manchester song. Thanks to all those who voted. 

The line mentioned most in the survey was from 'Reel Around The Fountain' by The Smiths:

"I dreamt about you last night / and I fell out of bed twice"

Those in the know, however, will be quick to point out that Morrissey lifted that line verbatim from Shelagh Delaney's play 'A Taste of Honey'. 

We also asked our users to tell us what the daftest Manchester song lyric of all time was. There were some great suggestions, but the line that came up most was:

"What a life it would be / if you could come to mine for tea / I'll pick you up at half past three / we'll have lasagne"

(N. Thomas Gallagher) 





23rd November 1967PRESS ARTICLE
Strawberry Recording Studios – Peter Wadsworth
23rd November 1978TICKET
The Apollo – martincatawba
23rd November 1978ADVERT
Fast Cars, Sister Ray / Kelly's – fast cars
23rd November 1979TICKET
Dislodge, Abdominal Pain, The Closed – JAX
23rd November 1982FLYER
Frantic Elevators / Tramps – dubwise-er
23rd November 1984TICKET
International 1 – bornred
23rd November 1989ADVERT
The Apollo – dubwise-er
23rd November 1990PROGRAMME
808 State, A Certain Ratio, Buzzcocks, The Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, The High, Inspiral Carpets, James, New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, World of Twist, The Charlatans, Northside / Dry Bar – jsz
23rd November 1990POSTER
The Wrigglies, Hog / The Millstone – fusered
23rd November 1992ARTWORK
Factory Records Offices – ozit
23rd November 1996FLYER
G-MEX – rs129
23rd November 2003PHOTOGRAPH
Crestfallen / The Roadhouse – transmission


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