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New online exhibition facility launched

(Flyer for The Kitchen, 1989 - excerpt from our 'Moss Side Stories' online exhibition. Uploaded by Dubwise-er.)

What is an online exhibition?

An online exhibition is a curated collection of digitised artefacts (scans, photos, images, video) that anyone who has access to the internet can view. Online exhibitions are like physical exhibitions, but they exist in cyberspace. You can see examples of some online exhibitions by clicking the banners at the bottom of this page.

We have recently launched a facility that allows our members to curate their own online exhibitions relating to any subject to do with the history of Greater Manchester music. 

Where do I start?

You will need to give some thought to what you might like your exhibition to be about. It might be a ‘Defining Me’-style exhibition about your favourite moments in Manchester music. It could include a ticket from your favourite gig, photos of your favourite bands, flyers of the most important club nights in your life or press articles about a scene that was important to you. 

Or you could create an exhibition about a certain area in Manchester, like Chorlton or Rusholme; or a particular scene, such as Manchester jazz, heavy rock or 1960s Beat music. Or you could focus on a Manchester music fanzine you have collected, or maybe do an exhibition on your unsigned band.

You can learn about how to create an online exhibition here.

When your exhibition is finished you can use the Twitter and Facebook buttons to share it through social media. The best online exhibitions will be displayed on the homepage of the main MDMArchive website.





17th April 1972TICKET
Free Trade Hall – kifs
17th April 1985TICKET
Happy Mondays, New Order / Salford University – jsz
17th April 1985TICKET
New Order / Maxwell Hall, Salford University – WithyBlue
17th April 2009PHOTOGRAPH
Doves – OT


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