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Big Chip Awards 2014: best not-for-profit project

(L-R: Mat Norman, Ashley Kennerley, Alison Surtees, Abigail Ward and Big Chip hosts)

We are delighted to have won this year's Big Chip Awards best not-for-profit project gong.

The Big Chips are the biggest digital awards outside London and the longest running in the UK. They are run by and for the industry, not for profit - by trade association, Manchester Digital.The Big Chip Awards are for all things digital - from mobile apps to social media, from animation to websites, from digital brand to cloud software. 

The judges 'simply loved' our website. They described it 'as exactly what the internet was made for, a labour of love that couldn’t exist in any other medium'. And they were impressed by the way the revamp had extended both the scope and the reach of the site. 

MDMArchive first won the Big Chip not-for-profit award in 2007. Back then one of the judges described the site as being 'perfectly Web 2.0' in its thinking, and overall the judges loved the way it let the objects speak for themselves, as well as the way the site conveyed the enthusiasm of its creators for the subject. They felt it did everything it needed to do and no more, and as a result left plenty of room for a community to spring up around it. 

Thank you Big Chip!


GHAST UP BY Martin Ryan



21st August 1982PRESS ARTICLE
Foreign Press – shivadescending
21st August 1982FLYER
Jazz Defektors / The Hacienda – dubwise-er
21st August 1986FLYER
The Tropicana – dubwise-er
21st August 1987MASTER TAPE
New Order – jsz
21st August 1988POSTER
Vee VV / The Boardwalk – tellhimhesdead
21st August 1992TICKET
New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Sean
21st August 2002PRESS ARTICLE
Stephen Nancy, Desolation Angels / The Roadhouse – swinechile
21st August 2005POSTER
Edward Barton, Robin Nature-Bold & Band(ism), Superqueens / King's Arms – Babaganoush


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